About Me

I’m William Good, technologist, father, husband, creative, and warrior poet (sometimes.) ┬áThank you for visiting my blog and reading my musings.

There is something about story, something about the experiences we’ve had that shape our lives. I cannot think of any human or natural interaction that didn’t shape my story. Experiences are crucial to life, and they are unavoidable.
Who of us does not have the power to shape others? Often by accident, our stories intersect with others. Sometimes in a positive way. Other times we deliver powerful disruptions in unwanted ways. And then, one day, when each of us realizes our potential, we become experience makers!

This transcends all of humanity; it effects human interaction and is applicable to the business world. One cannot escape experience- from the shape of the device in front of you to the appeal of the font in which these words appear, the way you interpret these words to the way your banker says “hello” at the window- everything carries experience.

It’s the power in our hands, in our words, and by our actions, that empowers us to shape experiences on a regular basis. Daily we can choose to by oblivious, to enhance the experience of those with whom we interact, or to disrupt. What will you choose?


William Good Portrait

I’m William Good. I live in Dardenne Prairie, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri with my wife, Sarah and three daughters.