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How Photography Creates Lasting Connections


Have you ever cried with someone who was going through a difficult time? Gave a high-five during a victory dance? Showed up at the hospital when a co-workers spouse was in an accident? These moments create significant bookmarks in a person’s story.

A few years ago I spent a great deal of my time building a professional photography business, primarily capturing family moments and events like weddings and birthday parties. Connecting with people during those emotional high events, particularly when recording those emotions for future recollection, is extremely rewarding.  Being a part of a wedding is particularly amazing. Many photographers find the pressure too intense.

I quickly noticed my natural passion for people created a connection with the bride and groom well before the day arrived. This made it easier for me to create a positive experience; their comfort level showed in the photos by way of natural smiles, tears, and joyful emotions. Presenting couples with a collection of stunningly vulnerable moments was my absolute joy!

Being part of those significant moments creates positive human connections.

Recently I reconnected with a couple for whom I provided wedding photography services. I don’t know how many years it had been since their wedding, but I remember clearly the emotions of the day. We made a connection years ago, and that connection was renewed today, but it wasn’t under the joyful circumstances as previously experienced.

Becky & Jason were checking into the same hotel we now call home. They had a house fire. Much of their home was compromised due to the smoke and water damage. Their timeframe for restoration is much longer than ours (months rather than weeks.)

My heart is broken for them. I cannot imagine living here with a toddler and a dog for months on end. We made that connection years ago, and I hope and pray we run into each other again at our hotel. Maybe my family can reach out to them and love on them in the same way many others have been serving and encouraging us. Perhaps we can pay it forward.

What if…
I treasured every opportunity to create a lasting connection?
Those connections lead to even more significant opportunities to invest in relationship?

Total Disruption – First Reaction to Our Flooded Home

On our way to La Guardia I missed a call from a neighbor. Just 12 hours earlier we were discussing with a friend how cold it’s been and how we were hoping not to get that call.  Our neighbors first noticed an inordinate amount of water in our side yard, near where the sump pump spits out the unwanted water from the basement. When another neighbor graciously shoveled clean our driveway before our return, they noticed water coming out from under our garage door. On further inspection, water was coming out from everywhere.

How I dreaded coming home to that! 

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5 Words that Made My Night Magical

Juniper Grill

Juniper Grill

Have you ever had that feeling where you murmur to yourself “I hope this was a good idea?” I did recently, and thanks to five simple words, my night turned from risky to rewarding.

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