Questions at the Core

Basement Damage

As a professional analyst, my job is impossible without questions. Questions are at the core of nearly all analysis work. It’s really an art asking the right questions. But they are necessary to understand.

Above is a photo of our once finished basement. It’s a mess now, but we’re closer to understanding the extent of the damage.

“What’s behind that wall? Did the wiring get compromised? Can those plywood joists really be safe after three days in water?” These questions are at the core of understanding the restoration effort. The obvious damage is easy to identify. However, without answers to the more probing questions, we wouldn’t discover the reality behind the surface.

Without answers to good questions the scope is sketchy.

What if…
I asked more questions?
I asked smarter questions?
I didn’t stop asking questions until I was satisfied with the answer?
An answer caused me to shift my core assumptions?